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At Climaire, we have over 30 years’ experience in the design, supply and installation of domestic airconditioning systems. We can be trusted to size correctly, and install neatly, a system that will suit your needs.

split system

From split systems to aircondition a single room to multi zoned ducted systems to heat and cool the entire house ,Climaire has access to most popular quality brands.

Energy Saving Technology

Climaire is committed to provide airconditioning with the highest efficiency available. This is achieved by installing quality brand airconditioners utilising inverter technology.  By utilising microprocessor control of the fan motors and compressor motor frequency energy savings are achieved over conventional stop start systems. Most inverter systems are capable of operating between 10-100% of their rated capacity. This means that when the heat load of your home varies the airconditioning system adjusts to match the load. This gives the effect of greater control and a closer temperature range as well as energy savings.

Further savings and probably the greatest use of this technology is to couple this system with smart temperature controlled zoning. This allows for the air conditioning in the rooms that are not in use to be closed off and accurate temperature control of the rooms that are in use.